Coppice Association North West

Promoting coppicing in our woodlands

Conserving woodlands and encouraging appropriate management

Providing mutual support, information, advice and training

Giving a voice to all involved in coppice woodland management

Weekend In The Woods 2019
11th + 12th May
More Details to come

Walter Lloyd - Loss of a Legend

We're very sorry to announce the death of local legend, and Coppice Association North West's President for 10 years, Walter Lloyd.
He has been an inspiration and good friend to all in CANW and beyond, always ready to share his vast knowledge and wonderful stories. He will be very much missed by a huge number of people.
We send thoughts and love to his family.

Upcoming Events

Moss and Heights Spring Wood Details

Traditional Earthburn - a method for making charcoal.

With thanks to Brian Crawley for organising this and writing about it, and of course to Jim Miller for all his hard work.

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